If you want to have a good memory of the race, when you finish the test, go to and enjoy your photos. Here you will find a personalized gallery with your photos during the test.

You will see that your bib number shows a geometric code (QR type) below the number, it is important that you do not cover it so that photographers can immortalize your experience in the Marathon Cup BTT, and a 9-digit code: it is the access code to your personal album.
Make sure you save the bib number with the code to see the photos!

How do I get the photos?

1. Make sure the graphic codes printed on your bib are clearly visible throughout the race
2. Go to and create your free account
3. Enter your 9-digit code printed near the bib number
4. Look at your photos and if you like them, buy them and share them with your friends

During the days after the race, we will continue to update your gallery with new photos so be sure to check it from time to time.